2010 Feb 22

- by
Sean Lee

hamachi Rosetta TUNTAP

Hamachi Install on Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6)



  1. Download TUNTAP for Mac. - http://tuntaposx.sourceforge.net
  2. Install TUNTAP Package. - Untar downloaded TUNTAP file and install it.
  3. Check '/dev/tap0' - check in terminal with command 'ls /dev/tap0'.


  1. Rosetta install from Snow Leopard DVD Option Disk (2)
  2. Automatic update via open PPC application.
    1. Download 'PiXel Check' (Bad Pixel Check Utility) - http://homepage.mac.com/macguitar/FileSharing16.html
    2. Open 'PiXel Check' and rosetta install dialog will appear.


1. Download Hamachi.

Visit http://files.hamachi.cc/osx/ and download latest binary.

2. run install script

sudo ./install

3. run tuncfg

sudo /usr/sbin/tuncfg

4. run 'hamachi-init'

5. run below.

hamachi start

hamachi login

hamachi set-nick 'nick-name'

hamachi join 'network-name'

hamachi go-online 'network-name'